Happy New Month : October

Happy New Month.It’s indeed an exciting new season in my personal life and professional life.I hope to take you through everything throughout 2019.I feel so excited but most importantly as we move into October,thank you for the love.Indeed it has been an exciting month(Sept).I look forward to another powerful month with y’all.

I appreciate the daily support.May October Be the start of something new in your personal life and professional.

Important Notices •

1.Mr Hopkins Will No Longer Be Hosting The Business Wednesdays with Bob Hopkins.We Appreciate all his contributions and all, during the time he was around.We wish him all the best.

2.You can now visit my official website http://www.shamylah.com for bookings and any inquiries you might have concerning Shamylah Zimuto.

3.NB,Guest Bloggers : We are seriously fed up with countless people who send emails wanting to guest post and in the very end ghost around.Look here,We are a professionals thus any notice you see on this blog is serious business.If you do not have any serious business kindly refrain from sending us ghost mails.Thank You.

4.If you want to guest post kindly send your media kit + a few writing samples or url links if you have them to • info@shamylah.com or zimuto808@gmail.com

5.Lastly , We are building a team of various professionals be it your in business,fashion and more for weekly chats.All you simply need to do is send your mini profile or link to your profile to our business whatsapp line +263778591700.Starts On the 1st Of November 2018.Share With Your Friends Too.Under Shamylah Enterprises.

6.If you would like to guest post on this blog kindly communicate via http://www.shamylah.com/contact

Lastly Thank You To Our Top Two Followers Sports Diva and Zah Thinks.😍😍😍.We love you and appreciate your support.

Well,till November !😊

Happy Blogging.

I appreciate your support and happy new month.all the best.




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