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Welcome to Shamylah Zimuto’s Official Blog, Launched In May 2017 with an aim of providing the different views of the world of travel, fashion, business, and lifestyle. Shamylah Zimuto Blog has grown into the go-to place for any business, lifestyle and fashion tips. Whether You are Just Looking to learn more about marketing, your hair, the origins of your current shoe, outfit ideas and get to know more about the influential powerhouses in the world of business you have come to the right place.


This Is What We Have In Store For You From Monday To Friday ▪

Welcome ‼

Sunday – Playlist of the Week 01/01/18

Monday – We get to Feature Our Monday Queen who ends up being, The Power Women of the Week.

Tuesday – Beauty Brands, Interviews, Features By Beauty Bloggers, Series like ( Beauty Blog Post Ideas Part 3 n so on )

Wednesday – The main focus is on lifestyle, luxury and fashion brands Across the World. Their Growth, Marketing Strategies, and Success Stories.

Thursday – New Music Mixes By Shamylah, New Album Reviews, and Music Interviews and Music Business.

Friday – Style, Fashion and Esc 000 going on.Features By Fashion Bloggers.The Best In Fashion.

Saturday – Travel
Get Insight On What’s happening Travel Wise In Zimbabwe. The Restaurants I go to.Lifestyle, My Interviews, What’s Next For Me.Who I am as a person. Basically, Saturdays Are just Shamylahs Day. Do Follow Up.

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